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Oct 4 @ 9:02AM • Twitter

RT @JNelsonLDF: At 10 am the Supreme Court will hear argument in one of the most consequential voting rights cases of this century-#Merrill…

Oct 4 @ 8:54AM • Twitter

"I stand before you today as a representative of the 700,000 people of DC who remain voiceless." @MissKelsye welcoming activists from Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama. Fair representation is a national issue and #DCStatehood is part of the solution.

Oct 4 @ 8:50AM • Twitter

@robbhudson We do too! But its @Vote4DC that does the good work on this.

Oct 3 @ 6:56PM • Twitter

The voiceless is at the Supreme Court tomorrow. Come out and rally with us!

Oct 3 @ 6:46PM • Twitter

This is consistent for many in the Senate who try to short-change the people of DC. It's as if not having equal representation harms the people here. #DCStatehood.

Oct 3 @ 11:20AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: I attended Friday's investiture for Justice Jackson, a native Washingtonian and DC resident.

I recommended her to Obama…

Sep 30 @ 1:04PM • Twitter

RT @LongLiveGoGo: Alabama meets DC during CBC!!
The fight for fair representation continues…

Pull up to Cloak & Dagger 10/1 for a prepart…

Sep 29 @ 11:27PM • Twitter

Alabama & Georgia for #dcstatehood

Sep 29 @ 2:51PM • Twitter

"#DCStatehood is an equal leg, along with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and Freedom to Vote Act, that make up the tripod supporting democracy and we'll continue to treat them equally." @StopBigMoney

Sep 29 @ 2:08PM • Twitter

This afternoon @EleanorNorton hosts a panel on What's Next for #DCStatehood. With @IndivisibleTeam @StopBigMoney @51for51 and @peoplefor